Play as Robin, the time travelling thief! Help your future self steal a diamond by traveling through time. When all of the security systems are down at the same time, the diamond is yours for the taking!


  • WASD/Arrow keys: Move Robin
  • R/F: Rewind time
  • E: Interact
  • Backspace: Reset level (this deletes your clones)
  • Esc: Return to main menu

Made in Godot for Weekly Game Jam 150


  • Myself (farhil#8162) - Programming
  • Wakashi#8254 - Art
  • OrangeCloud#2379 - Music

If you run into bugs, try the executable version. If it persists, please comment below and I may fix it.


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsJustin C, Wakashi
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Time Travel


Robin.exe 66 MB


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It's really good! I just personally don't like how reliant it is on timing. It's similar to the game below, which is a game I love, though it has turns rather than real time timing.

great i love it

This really eminates some spy feels ya know sksksksks. The theme is already great as is but maybe an additional song that pays homage to the james bond theme could really blow this up cause damn the art and gameplay is already amazing, same with the music lmao

congratulations on putting something out! This could be the start of something interesting, but I think you'll need to figure out more mechanics/interactions around the time travel one in order to be able to design good puzzles. Fortunately, heists and cat burglaring feel like very fertile ground for this sort of time-jumping shenanigans. Indeed, the fussiness of synchronising actions, and the waiting around involved, could be a virtue in that setting, as the perfect time-heist is about painstakingly sculpting in time that one magical sequence where the player appears to dance past the guards and through the security measures as if through the eye of a needle.

Thank you for the very eloquent review :D The lack of interesting puzzle mechanics is my biggest regret with the game

No need for regrets! Now you've got the fundamentals in place, I'd keep going with it and see where it takes you :-)

I need to know if the sentence is a reference to STAR WARS hehe nice game

Check the right side of level 3 ;)

I played the game again to check it. Nice hehe. I submitted a game where you also create clones but completelly different approach.

Just played it! I love your take on it. Very well done! Cool to see such a similar mechanic. Would also love to see the code for your clones/movement tracking, I wonder how different our approaches were

The levels are getting out of hand. They are too similar. Concept is nice though, graphics and sound are also really good

Thank you! The level design is definitely one of the weakest areas. Most of the level design effort went into the tutorial level, the rest were hurriedly put together shortly before uploading.